Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dr. Phil Show hosts homochromosexual, Dr. Nicolosi


We read Dr. Nicolosi's errant comments here on the NARTH site.

Perhaps it is good that he did not say this on the show. For the experts such as Dr. Siegel and Angello which appeared on the show, would likely have clarified these errant statements, further discrediting Dr. Nicolosi.

"No one on the Dr. Phil Show mentioned the implications of taking the opposite approach--actively preparing a boy for future sex-change surgery. Surgery can never truly change a person's sex. Doctors can remove the male genitals and form an imitation of the sex female sex organs, but they cannot make the simulated organs reproductively functional--nor can they change the DNA which exists in every cell of the boy's body to indicate that he is, and always will be, biologically a male."

Dr. Nicolosi is taking a chromosomal or genetic definition of sex even though this definition has been DISPROVED as being the decisive or true definition of sex.
There are persons with XY chromosomes in all of their cells who are nonetheless female. Some are caused by alterations on genes other than those on the X or Y chromosomes. BUT, some can also result from environmental factors interfering with male development, thus showing that a person with no atered DNA in their cells who is XY, can still be biologically female. Some XY females produce eggs. Some carry babies to term in their uterus when provided donated embryos through IVF. Some individuals are XY, don't have a uterus or ovaries, (thus they do not have reproductively functional female organs just like a post-operative m to f transsexual), yet have female appearing external female organs, such as cases of androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS or severe PAIS).

These examples demonstrate that phenotypic sex, morphological sex and hormonal sex are biological sex and CAN BE CHANGED, and that so-called genetic or chromosomal sex is not the ultimate definition. Thus, Dr. Nicolosi is in error. Perhaps Dr. Nicolosi has what some think could be labelled a disorder known as homochromosexuality.

Either way, Dr. Nicolosi is proven wrong in his statements here. We are glad that he did not further subject himself to further lack of credibility on the Dr. Phil show. But we need to correct him here so that others may see this.


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