Friday, January 22, 2010

Why imposing the gender binary on athletes is a violation of human rights

News that the International Olympic Committee is considering mandatory gender testing and therapies to 'treat' intersex athletes is quickly starting to get some attention.

Andrea James has an excellent article in BoingBoing about Caster Semenya and the apartheid of sex—a term attributed to transhumanist Martine Rothblatt. James correctly points out that Semenya is being subjected to the latest "sex science" in order to fit her into our socially imposed gender binary, so that "the apartheid of sex can be upheld within the sporting tradition."

Indeed, fostering discussions of intersexed persons within the context of social tolerance and inclusion is not where the IOC wants to go. They have a problem on their hands because they are completely unwilling and unable to look beyond fixed male and female roles. Introducing new leagues or classifications that cater to these kinds of athletes would be far too uncomfortable and complicated for them to deal with. Insisting that there are only males and females simplifies things, and coercing these athletes into conforming to a gender-specific role is a seemingly quick and easy fix.

Except for the fact that it may be a human rights violation.

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    During the last 43 years the IAAF has been conducting GENDER TESTING, as has the IOC, leaving behind a gruesome trail of abused and mistreated athletes, broken careers and broken lives.

    In their frightful ignorance they have been playing god, deciding over human beings, not concerning sport, but concerning the very nature of human beings, by what method they, in their hopeless stupidity, have seen fit at any given time, changing their methods all along as soon as one method after the other was deemed wrong and useless.

    The leaders and their medical “experts” have acted as the witch doctors of modern time.

    And now at last, after all these years, the ivory towers of these self appointed gods and kings have collapsed and their wrongdoings have been disclosed to all the world. With the CASTER SEMENAYA case they have finally been forced to admit that they do not know how to decide the gender of a human being !!

    That is what I have been telling them ever since 2003, but they refused to listen, and when I persisted, they refused me my democratic right of speaking at the IAAF Congress.

    And mind you, it is today the general assumption among experts who are dealing with this issue that 1 out of 2000 is born with some kind of INTERSEX CONDITION, so it is not only about Caster Semenaya - IT IS A GLOBAL ISSUE.

    In a ASSOCIATED PRESS release is stated that:

    “The IAAF PLANS to develop a gender definition”

    “It would have been better if we had been prepared to, but we were not prepared(*)”, Weiss told The Associated Press on Saturday”.

    (* prepared as to how to perform gender testing)

    And now they will “start next week to examine how to determine gender”.

    WHAT ! - NEXT WEEK ?!

    This comes after the IAAF (and the IOC) for 43 years have been stating that they knew how to do it, and have been executing, all through these years, their mumbojumbo on innocent athletes.

    How can these people remain in charge of international athletics and international sport ?

    Georg Facius


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