Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Olympics Need to Play Fair With Intersex Athletes

By Cynthya BrianKate

One of my best friends is a butch genderqueer lesbian who competes locally in womens’ sports. Recently she told me “I think it’d be fascinating to find out if I’m at all intersex like you.” I said “not if you know what the Olympics are trying to do to intersex people.” The IOC (International Olympic Committee) isn’t playing fair with intersex athletes. They’re playing gender and appearance police on female athletes, and only female athletes, in a witch-hunt against butch and intersex women. The IOC is using hateful language against intersex women and demanding that female athletes found to be intersex submit to forced hormone treatments or forced surgery akin to female genital mutilation if they want to compete as the women they are. This violates womens’ rights, basic human rights and a 1990s international court ruling in favor of intersex women in sports.

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