Thursday, May 21, 2009

Condemn Horowitz's Speech and Israeli Apartheid



We, transgenders, bisexuals, intersexuals and queers, citizens of Israel, wish to express our outmost rage and disgust with Israeli Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz’s appearance in the World Congress on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity that took place on May 15, 2009 in Paris, France. Not only did MK Horowitz exclude transgender, bisexual and queer issues and misrepresented lesbian and gay issues in Israel, he also represented and advocated the Israeli apartheid in Palestine/Israel in his patronizing speech.

While the conference Horowitz attended dealt intensively with issues of gender identity, transgenderism, bisexual, intersexual and queer politics, in his spokesman's message to the press Horowitz talked exclusively about lesbian and gay issues, excluding this way our predicament from his illusioninst description. In contrast to this description, discrimination in medical care and access to jobs and incrimination with "impersonating" are some of the distinct issues transgeners and intersexuals in Israel face. Violence and social unrecognition are ongoing difficulties for LGBTQI people in Israel. Horowitz's claim that the main issue for lesbians and gays in Israel is legalizing marriage or couples agreement has no evident basis.

Moreover, Horowitz's regard to Palestinian gay rights is outrageous. By creating a false racist picture of Israel as the western liberal and the Palestinians as the oriental conservatives Horowitz sent a message that advances the "white-washing" agenda of the Israeli foreign ministry he has chosen to represent. Horowitz's appeal to the Israeli goverment to grant sanctuary for persecuted gay Palestininas is no more than a service to the Israeli apartheid and the "permit" system that puts restrictions on Palestinian movement in the first place.

In accordance with the Palestinian call to sanction Israel until it ends the occupation, sieges and apartheid, dismantles the separation wall and allows the return and compensation of dispossessed Palestinians, we further uphold that Israel should have been banned from participating in this conference from the outset. Horowitz's appearance only testifies to the moral disgrace of this failure.


Yotam Ben-David
Yossi Bartel
Shiri Eisner
liad kantorowicz
Yossef Mekyton 
ayala shani
Sharon Schlesinger
Roy Wagner
Curtis E. Hinkle

Read a report on Horowitz's speech here:


  1. Nitzan Horowitz exercised her right for free speech. It is ridiculous to mix gay rights with Israel "occupation" given the rights of gays in Saudi and Iran. Gays are hanged there. To protects gays from prosecution by Israel is also a sin????? Is this Apartheid????? As an American I whant to praise Israel and protest this idiotic letter.

  2. Nitzan Horowitz exercised her right for free speech. It is ridiculous to mix gay rights with Israel "occupation" given the rights of gays in Saudi and Iran. Gays are hanged there. To protects gays from prosecution by Israel is a sin????? Is this Apartheid????? Israel has to be praised for her stand in favor of gays and lesbians. This open letter is not only ridiculous but an insult. As an American I protest

  3. Gay Palestinian requests Israeli visa YNET

    Plaintiff requests court allow him to live with his Israeli partner, says he fears for his life in the West Bank
    Aviad Glickman

    A 30-year-old Palestinian man who has resided in Israel with his partner for the past seven years has filed a petition with the High Court of Justice asking to prevent his deportation to the Palestinian territories.

    New Approach

    Meretz MK wants Israel to give gay Palestinians sanctuary / Amnon Meranda

    Nitzan Horowitz says Arab nations should sign treaty banning persecution of homosexuals
    Full Story

    The Palestinian and his partner claim deportation would put him at serious risk of being arrested and tortured at the hands of Palestinian security forces, as well as persecution by his extended family because of his sexual orientation and the fact that his partner is an Israeli.

    The petition also says the Palestinian man has been suspected of collaboration with Israel in the past, which would also put him in harm's way if he is returned to his previous home.

    Originally from Nablus, the man says he has been harassed in the past by Palestinian security officers who suspected he had been having an affair with his employer in the West Bank.

    The couple claim they have appealed numerous times to the Interior Ministry since 2006 in order to gain the status of a common-law couple, however they have not been successful.

    The petition says the ministry's decision "is extremely implausible as it has ignored the evidence regarding the imminent danger homosexuals face within the Palestinian territories because of their sexual tendencies".

    Israel should be praised by the gay community. These idiots who signed the open letters should stop spitting into the well from which they are drinking water.

  4. ?? as a world citicen and gay I protest!You are an American first supporting Afghanistan against Russia and then Iraq against Iran and then smashing both countries and all their infra structure?? or what the F. are You doing???
    My God ( and I mean it!) Lets support any reached out hand from israel to the tortured palestine!!