Monday, July 6, 2009

Open Letter to Rev. Al Sharpton

Dear Reverend Al Sharpton,

The Organisation Intersex International (OII) is the only global, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-religious organization for the mutual encouragement, defense, support and human rights activism of Intersex people, their families, friends and allies. We are an inclusive and non-hierarchical peer-group alliance of Intersex, Transsexual, Transgendered, Androgynous and other people who share common concerns about the human rights of any and all people who are being deprived, abused or attacked because of their real or perceived sex or gender differences. Because of our international membership, we also recognize that sex and/or gender variant persons 'of color' often experience additional human rights problems in various countries and cultures globally. Since these problems cannot be separated-out from, and are usually linked-to sexism, they are also part of our human rights concern.

We monitor the global news and especially the scientific, legal and medical news for developments which impact, or have the potential to impact, the lives of our members, their families, friends and allies, and any one else who may be affected. And, if something comes to our attention that should be addressed, we try to alert people about it. This is why we are sending you this notification.

We are very concerned about a psychology professor at the Northwestern University making "diagnoses" of a person who has been one of the most important inspirations to androgynous people worldwide, Michael Jackson. J. Michael Bailey has written one of the most offensive and unprofessional "diagnostic" essays about Michael Jackson that we have read. We feel there are ethical guidelines that psychologists are required to follow and that J. Michael Bailey has felt free to dismiss all ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association by writing this article.

We would appreciate your help concerning this matter.

Kind regards,

Curtis E. Hinkle, Founder of the Organisation Intersex International

To read the article by J. Michael Bailey: Click here

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