Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Witch Hunt.

By Sophia Siedlberg
© July 2009

The Catholic Exchange, a small but vocal website who aims to promote Roman Catholic Values also seeks to prevent "Transgender" and "Gender confused" people from getting any legal protection under the law in most countries.

The question is why? Well, I have a simple answer to this, and the two partners in crime at the Catholic Exchange are not going to like it. Dale O Leary and Mary Kochan make a number of comments and statements that really need to be interpreted at face value. It is best to look at their three main arguments and see what they are actually saying.

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1 comment:

  1. Transgender asexual and gender queer people directly challenge the misogynistic upper echelons of the Catholic religion. They will argue that the past 2000 years were just fine for them because they were free to twist Christianity into a power that denied woman dignity and allowed them to wage richeous wars while accumulating wealth.
    Have you have been to a Catholic service as they reluctantly and briefly pray to the virgin Mary? We are such a threat because there is so very little they can us in the bible to beat us down with and should we be allowed to live our lives without discrimination, whats next? Gay ministry in the Catholic Church?