Tuesday, November 18, 2008

“JT LeRoy,” “Danny Ryan,” and “transkid” hoaxes

The “transkid” fraud JT LeRoy has been back in the news.

It reminded me Denise Tree, aka Kiira Triea, another middle-aged eccentric who has claimed to have undergone genital surgery for an intersex trait in 1974 when she was 14. Among other telltale signs of fraud in her fantastic tale, she was in fact born in 1951. The gullible press and a few sloppy academics lapped up Tree’s improbable tale of sexualized torment as a teenager in the clutches of the Johns Hopkins clinic. Tree’s aunt, Nancy Henley, got her Ph.D. in psychology from Johns Hopkins in 1968, which may expain Tree’s fixation on the school and knowledge of various programs.

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