Thursday, April 30, 2009

The War Within:

CAMH battles notorious reputation of Zucker’s and Blanchard’s gender clinics with scathing report

Investigative report by Lynn Conway

April 30, 2009 [V 4-30-09] [A report in progress]

Abstract: By 2007, CAMH's Ken Zucker had been widely exposed as a trans-reparatist who claimed to be able to cure gender variant children, while CAMH's Ray Blanchard openly ridiculed transsexual women as being men without penises. The resulting outrage all across the transgender community became so intense that CAMH launched a study to consider the complaints. The study led to stinging indictments of CAMH's gender clinics, and made well-reasoned recommendations on how to alleviate the problems. In response, Zucker and Blanchard have if anything intensified their ongoing war on transgenders, and are now apparently engaging in a war within CAMH to sidestep the recommendations of the study.


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