Monday, April 13, 2009

What is Intersex, by Michelle O’Brien

I highly recommend this article which is published on OII-Australia's website.
Curtis E. Hinkle,
Founder of the Organisation Intersex International

Excerpt from article:
Michelle O’Brien is a board member of OII-UK, and is a university academic in the UK. We will format this article as a PDF and make it available for free public download soon. Many thanks to Michelle for giving us her permission to republish it here.

I have been asked to provide some material from different sources, but these are requests I find hard to engage with. One is for me to provide a primer on intersex for undergraduate students. The other is to give a personal biography. I have been considering why at this stage of my life and research I am finding it so difficult to comply with these requests. This writing also comes out of a request to OII for material on intersex for a non-academic audience in a medical context.

To read the complete article: Click here

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