Monday, October 5, 2009

Hijras commemorate the life of Jeannie Kay Hinkle

OII-India held a special ceremony 28 September 2009 in commemoration of Jeannie Kay Hinkle, beloved partner of Curtis E. Hinkle, founder of the Organisation Intersex International.The ceremony included prayers for and in the name of Jeannie Kay Hinkle as it was a Dussera festival day there.

Food was fed to 100 Hijras and poor after the prayers.

"Of all duties, benevolence is unequaled in this world, And even in celestial realms. He who understands his duty to society truly lives. All others shall be counted among the dead." - Tirukkural 22: 213-214

For more information about EKTA, the foundation sponsoring the ceremony: Click here


  1. What a wonderful tribute, Curtis. Thanks for sharing!!
    Leigh Smythe

  2. Wow, Curtis. How could anyone look at the pictures and not feel emotion? Yes, beautiful, simply.

  3. Dear Curtis, The pix are lovely. Jeannie Kay continues to be a true humanitarian. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    M Italiano

  4. A lovely gesture which can only but have a ripple effect through other communities bringing people together...

    from Chris S xxy in Australia

  5. Jeannie Kay's memory could not have bee more beautifuly honoured.

    Thanks OII India

    and thanks Curtis for sharing this with us.