Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Intersex Australians are Placed on a Sex Offenders Register

Article posted on OII-Australia's website:

Commentary by Sophia Siedlberg, OII-UK

The Nonce Trap.

Imagine a teenage girl with some virilizing intersex condition. It is not all that uncommon, and one of the treatments available to help with this is an androgen blocker called Cyproterone Acetate. In Australia it turns out that should someone in this situation have the need to make use of this option, they are automatically placed on the sex offenders register. You could argue that is just some strange oversight in terms of the legal aspects of prescribing certain types of drugs. It is true that Cyproterone Acetate is given in high doses to sex offenders as a part of managing their sexual appetite. But the self same drug is given to men with prostate cancer and men with prostate cancer are not put on the sex offenders register.

So a teenage girl with high androgen levels would be deemed as the same as a 40 year old man with a criminal record for sex crimes.

Who dreamed that up?

Well, I would level one accusation at the idiot who did, that they are themselves a sex offender who likes abusing teenagers and enshrining that in law. It is not so much about bigotry as about describing someone who would under many circumstances be considered vulnerable to abuse from sex offenders. Why? So they get sent to a clinic that treats sex offenders, as bits of abusable meat? Why would someone make the system work that way? Because they are a disgusting child abusing pervert themselves, perhaps?

This is not an isolated case. In the UK there is a clinic where children with certain conditions are put into the same waiting rooms as child abusers, presumably so the child abusers have someone to fiddle with instead of reading magazines. In the US the system is probably as bad, with doctors whose primary area of study is pedophilia, somehow, magically being experts on "Gender variant children". Why, I would ask. Well perhaps again we are talking about using such children as substitute targets of abusers, or worse, as children the doctors can themselves legally abuse?

It is revolting enough to call a child or an adult with an intersex condition a "sexual deviant"; but to expose them to rapists and nonces, as "substitute meat" makes me feel physically sick. Why? Because it is obvious to me that someone who would create such a policy trap is worse than a pedophile. They are like legal or medical pimps who legitimise the sexual abuse of children and legally vulnerable adults. Such people are so depraved that they are the ones that society should be protected from.

If you are a parent living in a country where such policy traps exist and your child has any of the conditions that would require access to certain medications or certain types of medical care, the law could require you to hand your child over to be sexually abused and there will be nothing you as a parent can do about it. The state wants to put your child in some legal brothel, strip them of all legal rights and ensure that they suffer. For what end?

I would suggest strongly that parents, affected adults and anyone who has any morality make a point of finding such policy makers out, reporting them to the authorities and ensuring they are placed where they belong. In prison, for prostituting certain people as "substitute meat". These policy makers are little more than disgusting perverts themselves and society should be protected from them and the perverts they hand your children over to.

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  1. John Money was himself a pro-pedophile ( and probably a pedophile too). He said that he didn't have anything against what he called "affectional pedophilia".
    he also sexually abused David Reimer and his brother.

    read more about this here: