Thursday, October 29, 2009

Julie Bindel, Yet Again.

By Sophia Siedlberg

I don't really know what to make of Julie Bindel. Her anger at transsexual folks is interesting because she can write some pretty horrible things about them, and yet when they respond in kind, she accuses them of witch hunting. The way I perceive that is actually quite simple. She, being born fully of one or the other sex with no issues with that, has the right to beat up on those who were not. At the same time they cannot answer her back because she has "cisgendered privilege" (To use the official terminology).
But given that this privilege is given to every "cisgendered" individual, and no one questions it, she can hardly be singled out for doing it. Lots of people do it. She is one among many. Making an example of her while avoiding the wider issues does not say much. Though having said that, she should also not complain when people react to her writings in kind. I tend to think that concepts like right and wrong are more important than the two sex system; if she dishes it out she should expect the same back.
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