Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another intersex activist on issues raised by Kiira Triea (aka Denise Tree)

Intersex activist Peggy has contacted me about the ongoing problems with posers and fakes in both the transsexual (TS) and intersex (IS) communities. ("Peggy" is the pseudonym of a woman with grade 5 PAIS who grew up as a boy but changed to living as a woman in early adulthood. She has been active in the AIS support group USA.) Both groups occasionally encounter people who self-diagnose as TS or IS because they see these demographic groups as more socially acceptable. Others pose as TS or IS people because of a fixation or fascination with these groups, often of a sexual nature. These troubling trends are exacerbated by two things:

1. medical privacy, which means these self-diagnoses are rarely confirmed by a disinterested party
2. the internet, where some people abuse its anonymity to create a fake persona or fabricated biography

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