Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mater Salmacis Solanas, Amyn!

Phthalates, or more specifically the commonly manufactured 2-ethyl hexyl phthalate, di isononyl phthalate and di isodecyl phthalate are very interesting. Basically, these particular chemicals are used in the manufacture of plastics and are at the center of an interesting moral panic that breaks out like a festering cancer every now and then.

What is this moral panic all about? The "demise of the real man" or the “demise of sexual reproduction"? The rather ironically named "phthalates" are a family of "gender bender" chemicals that are causing a lowered sperm count in men and affecting every other sexed species on the planet. And intersex people are the most visible sign of this horrendous disaster. I mean, if polar bears are the symbol of the evils of carbon dioxide (without which the planet would be a snowball, sort of like Jupiter's 6th moon Europa.), intersex people like myself, those who have to endure the self same moral panic insisting I am a "feminized male" (This is of course norm born bullshit.) are used to symbolize the horrific decline of the “oh so sacred” rutting man-ape. Yes, the ape that grunts in the jungle and goes on to poison the planet in the first place. Interestingly the "North Pole" and "melting ice cap" in this little tale are the area around the Great Lakes. (That speaks volumes. I promise not to laugh!)

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