Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just leave this alone now

Turner is a 50-year-old bachelor with Asperger syndrome, who shows the characteristic symptoms of verbosity and social maladjustment. A born-again Christian, conspiracy theorist and fan of the pseudo science of radionics, he interprets Tiffany's 2002 nude pictorial in Playboy as proof of her open declaration of love for him. He also believes he communes with Tiffany's spirit by putting a bicycle helmet with wires on it on his head.

Kelly McCormick is a 38-year-old from Denver. Self-described as an "intersex hermaphrodite," McCormick has long, dyed-blond hair, but otherwise appears to be a man with breasts and feminine hips. She is currently taking female hormones and wants to make the surgical transition to being a "complete" woman. McCormick, who has substance-abuse problems and dramatic mood swings, lives in a sparsely furnished apartment with walls covered with pictures of Tiffany, smudged from being kissed about the lips. After a bicycle accident, she says, she awoke from a 16-day coma convinced that she was destined to be with the pop star.

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