Sunday, December 7, 2008

Editorial: Sex is a Social Construction

Thank you to Officer Darlene Harris for her courage and leadership in coming out as an intersex person and for speaking publicly about her journey of self-discovery.

This issue is personal to me because I have a friend who I went to undergraduate with, Insa Kromminga, who is intersex. Insa had to grapple with the traumatic experience of being forced into a single sex category through surgery and medical treatment as a young child.

So, perhaps it is a blessing that Darlene did not learn until only recently she is intersex, because she was thus able to avoid a medical regime which unconscionably ignores the principle, “first, do no harm,” and which denies consent to the young child being cosmetically and hormonally re-programmed.

Note: Ins A Kromminga is the founder of OII-Germany

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