Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pope Benedict versus Sophia

By Sophia Siedlberg.
23 Dec. 2008

This morning (23rd December 2008) I woke up to be confronted by a very interesting news item stating that Pope Benedict was speaking against the "ecology of man and woman being undermined by homosexuals and transsexuals". He went on to discuss homosexuality and transsexuality in the context of the environment. It crossed my mind that I myself may have struck a raw nerve when I wrote "Mater Salmacis Solanas" a few weeks before. I was myself responding to a number of newspaper articles discussing Phthalates and talking about how the two sex system (in the biological sense) was not doing so well right now and I suggested that it may well be a part of natural evolution.

One thing I did mention was how moral panic was being whipped up and anyone who does not conform to the two sex system would be scapegoated with the drawing of parallels between the two sex system and the environment.

I will admit to being the one of the very few people who appear to relish the idea of the two sex system facing a demise. Admitted, there were feminists and so on talking about the eradication of men in a half joking manner. But I said what I felt straight out, that the two sex system is probably in trouble and that may not be a bad thing.

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