Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Intersex Artists from around the world

OII is proud to present a collection of artworks by intersex people from all over the world. The illustration to the right is by Sophia Siedlberg from Salmacis and entitled Daughter.

You can visit our web site at:

Or click on the following links for individual artists:

Art by ins A kromminga
Art by Joëlle-Circé Laramée
Art by Saïd Tamcarit
Art by Chris Somers xxy
Art by Marisa Cole
Poetry by Casey Covington
Works by Curtis E. Hinkle
Art by Dalelynn Sims
Poems by Testika Filch Milquetoast
Poetry by Tom Odegard
Short story by Joanne Proctor
Poem by Clairice Aglaia Roberts
Poem and short story by Gina Wilson
Poerty and works by Sophie Siedlberg
Poerty and works by Michelle O'Brien
Poem by Peter Trinkl

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