Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Art Works by Intersex Artist from Quebec

Art work by Joëlle-Circé Laramée, Vice President of OII

For more art by Joëlle-Circé Laramée: Click here

oil on canvas
12" x 24"
* inspired after a photo by ErosArtist with permission.

1 comment:

  1. i just wanted to add in case the image renders it less apparent, there is an appendage hanging from this young woman that is different from what most young women may have on their bodies.

    This is why i called my painting " Damned ". Oftentimes, intersex as well as transsexed individuals feel damned by society's norm born rules and regulations, suffering rejection, job loss, solitute,depression, etc,. I know it's not a " look, the birds are singing and the sky is blue " type of painting but hey, sometimes, it's good to call it as we see it.

    I,d be curious to hear back from people and get feedback. In the meantime, i've already heard from friends saying to me that i should paint more sellable work, lol.


    * Curtis, much thanks for promoting my art, love ya.