Friday, February 6, 2009

Dr. Zucker Fights Back, and the APA’s Special Exemption on Reparative Therapy Remains

Q: When is reparative therapy not reparative therapy?

A: When the patients are gender variant children. Then it’s okay, or so the implicit judgment from the American Psychiatric Association would still seem to say. But more on that in a moment.

The debate surrounding one of the controversial doctors assigned to revise the diagnoses used for either treatment or invalidation of transsexuals (plural diagnoses, as in, Gender Identity Disorder or Transvestitic Fetish — the latter of which poses the invalidation concern, whether it will ultimately be alongside a proposed theory of “Autogynephilia” or merged with it) has taken a turn. Someone has stated that allegations against Dr. Zucker have been turned over to Canadian authorities, and in turn, Dr. Zucker has levelled legal threats against someone else who has posted a link to an article on a website on which it was mentioned.

1) Notices and Allegations

Dr. Lynn Conway has been threatened with legal action. This stems from a news feed byte that she ran on her website, which says:

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