Friday, February 6, 2009

OII supports Dr. Milton Diamond's suggestion that VSD be used instead of DSD

OII wishes to thank Dr. Milton Diamond for his brilliant contribution to the debate surrounding the new terminology that was elaborated by the Chicago Consensus Statement, DSD or Disorders of Sex Development. Dr. Diamond has suggested that Variations of Sex Development would be a better term and most members of OII agree because it is more accurate and NOT STIGMATIZING.

We applaud the courage and thoughtfulness that Dr. Diamond has brought to the discourse concerning the new terminology.

We encourage all organisations to consider his proposal and to realise that this could be the ONE proposal which could help mend the serious rifts that this new terminology has caused within the intersex movement.

For articles on intersex by Dr. Diamond: Click here

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  1. but variations of SEX development sounds even closer to sex inversions etc of the 1920s than DSD...could we drop the SEX bit altogether and go to something truthful and untransphobic such as DGI - Delayed Gender Identification as that will truthfully show that regardless of the external bits its what the internal bits are that makes the whole and final mature person.
    Its easy to take a scalpel to bits that a 'mature/old enough' person can say they dislike but a few weeks old baby who goes under the knife can't yell 'NO, leave that bit, take the other bit off!'

  2. Kailana S Alaniz commenting again:

    Seriiously why not suggest something simple.

    Variations of Humanity. Honestly not all intersexed people are infact born with ambigous genitalia. Kind of wondering why Sex is even needed. We are all different in many ways, what makes Sex so damn important to doctors?