Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why Idolaters are Pointless.

By Sophia Siedlberg

Response to the following article: ACLU & Sexual Amputees Sue Illinois

It was another smirking self-righteous G-d bothering schoolteacher called Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute writing about two transsexual women in Chicago that made me realize just how beyond the pale some of these commentators really are. Higgins basically ranted through her article about how these two transsexual women were men, should be seen as men, made to obey the rules of men and generally spoke like some sort of phalocentric schoolmaster (She has a very masculine writing style) about making them accept the reality of their supposed "Body Integrity Identity Disorder". What is interesting is that the "Authority" she was quoting is not only someone who had genital surgery to become female, but she was also forced to resign from her job as an anesthetist for fiddling with the genitalia of a patient under anesthetic. I mean if we are going to harp on about sexual weirdness, two women seeking amended birth certificates to be recognized as women, and little else, hardly compare with the sort of strangeness Anne Lawrence presents, and here we have Laurie Higgins talking of Lawrence as if she is the wonderful angelic authority in all this.

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