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Woman delivers ‘hermaphrodite’ twins

By Orlando DinoyMindanao BureauFirst Posted 02:21:00 02/28/2009
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MALITA, Davao del Sur, Philippines—Twins, each with male and female genitals, were born to a 25-year-old mother here on Tuesday.

Glory Jean Ferrer, the twins’ mother, gave birth to the babies at the Malita district hospital at 7 a.m., said its resident physician, Dr. Paulito Montero.

According to Montero, the babies are hermaphrodites because they each have male and female reproductive organs.

He said one of the babies was considered “male” because he has “testicles and he urinates using his male organ [so] we have confirmed he is a boy.”

Montero said the other baby was considered “female” although she has what appears to be “balls.”

The absence of an actual testes and scrotum made her more female than male, he added. Montero said this could be the first recorded birth of twin hermaphrodites in this town. He said the babies were doing well and could be discharged from the hospital soon.

Remedial surgery

The mother, a member of the Tagakaulo tribe, said she was very happy with the birth of the babies but worried about how they would cope with having two genitals when they grow up. “I want my children to live normal lives. Maybe they can have some surgery to remedy their situation,” she said.

If there was a surgical solution to correct the twins’ condition, Ferrer said she would have to ask help from groups offering medical assistance to poor families.

She said her husband earned a small living tending their small farm.

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  1. Hey!
    Don't you dare to let anyone to operate on them. You will damage them for the rest of their lives, because they will not have the pleasure, let them choose when they are an adults. Talk to people who are Hermaphrodites.

  2. I agree. I won't pretend like it should be illegal, because then circumcision would have to be prohibited too, but hermaphroditism shouldn't be considered a "condition", or like there's anything wrong with it. Hermaphrodites are born hermaphrodites, and they should be allowed to stay as such, or else they will never be able to gain acceptance.