Saturday, September 19, 2009

Julius K Kaggwa - Program Director, SIPD Uganda.

SIPD is a grassroots not for profit human rights organization in Uganda, which through community outreach and engagement, provides reliable and objective information on the plight of persons with DSD (Disorders of Sex Development - also preferrably known as Intersex conditions) and gender non conforming characteristics in Uganda. SIPD particularly addresses the human rights, sexual health, and social support of intersex children and people.

Founded by a Ugandan with an Intersex/DSD background backed by other advocates for the rights of people affected by DSD as a response to the needs of Ugandan children and people with DSD and as a result of the lack of social and legal space for children and people with DSD in Uganda, we advocate for the sexual health and human rights of children and people with DSD throughout Uganda. The objectives are to advance the rights of children and people with DSD through public education and awareness, medical and social support services referrals, and advocacy; and to network with various organisations throughout Uganda and East Africa to more specifically address the sexual health and human rights of children and people with DSD and gender variant characteristics. A primary goal of SIPD is to end the stigma and secrecy surrounding children and people with DSD, affording them freedom of choice and decision regarding their gender identity.

SIPD is dedicated to creating awareness on DSD/intersex issues and advocating for a more open, tolerant, and supportive society towards children and people with DSD; and to advocating for respect for the human rights and welfare of all such persons in Uganda.

What we do

  • Create Awareness
  • Provide Public Education on intersex conditions and related sexual health and human rights.
  • Provide Capacity building for stakeholders working with our target clients
  • ·Develop objective and relevant information for the Ugandan/African public on the subject of intersexuality/DSD
  • Provide direct support as well as referrals for medical support for intersex children and people
  • Provide spiritual and general counselling
  • Network with healthcare practitioners to develop appropriate care and support for intersexed children /people in Uganda
  • Mobilising local and international human and sexual health rights allies to amplify the voice of intersex children and people in Uganda.

SIPD Guiding Principles

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Compassion
  • Confidentiality

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