Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week-old baby undergoes sex change operation

Kulsum Yusuf, TNN 9 September 2009, 10:22 pm IST

RAJKOT: Seven days after a boy was born to a city-based family, doctors have medically proved that the baby is a girl. The baby went through an operation on Wednesday for a sex change. After a sonography, city-based doctor Dr Atul Hirani confirmed that it was a baby girl. The baby had male genital organs but female sexual organs inside the body. The family realized that something was amiss and took the baby to a paediatrician and after various tests. After consultation and discussion with doctors, they were convinced to take a practical decision for the better future of the baby. Had the family chosen to keep the baby as it is, it could have led to psychological and social problems for the baby. The family belongs to middle class strata. A team of doctors lead by Dr Rohit Thakkar and five others, including plastic surgeon Dr Girish Amlani, urologist Dr Sanjay Popat, general surgeon Dr Yogesh Raichura, paediatrician Dr Nayan Kalavadiya and Dr Sukhdev Chandarana, operated upon the seven-day-old baby for genital reconstruction in a three-hour operation. The baby will be able to live a normal life as a female child. Source: Click here


  1. It is exactly these surgeries and the secrecy that surrounds them that leads to psychological problems for the child. The doctors can't see into the future and know what sex this baby will identify as. What if this baby identifies as a boy? A person should have the right to decide what surgeries they should have, and the right to know their medical condition.